Periodic Table Roll Out Pens

periodic table roll out pensPeriodic table roll out pen is a ballpoint pen with a roll out offset printed periodic table of chemical elements in which the elements are arranged by order of atomic number in such a way that the periodic properties (chemical periodicity) of the elements are made clear. We offer standard form of periodic table on face side ready for you. Just send us your company name, which can be added above table. You can also send us your customized periodic table on face side and back side. (Max size: 168*68mm, format, .ai,pdf, or high quality jpg or other high quality images)

Different barrel color for you to choose: Solid white, translucent blue,red,green,black,white, yellow,orange,purple,

Order your customized periodic table roll out pens today at! Delivery time will 4 weeks to your door by courier like DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. If you are in hurry, we also offer 15 urgent delivery service.
custom periodic table roll out pens