Flyer Pen

It’s more than an advert. They’ll love it!
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A Revolutionary Marketing Product. Conventional personalised pens carry branding that is only skin deep – this ingenious device uses the interior too! Concealed within the barrel of what appears to be a normal pen lies a 68mm x 168mm scroll that can be printed with any message you wish.
Directly from flyer pens Chinese manufacturer TODAY! MOQ is as low as 1000pcs!

The outer-most turn of the scroll is visible through the transparent barrel when retracted, allowing the body of the pen to carry a permanently visible branding without requiring additional customisation. Both sides of the scroll can be printed in full colour.

Perfect pens for perfect promotions. An unique pen with flyer which rolls into the pen, the perfect marketing tool!

There are six reasons make the flyer pen your ideal advertising campaign to promote your products and services.

  • Embedded flyer will increase the possibility of letting targeted customers to reveal your message inside.
  • A great deal more space for your advertising message than conventional promotional pens.
  • The person who receives your advertisement will most probably keep it.
  • Because this is more than an advertising tool, it keeps the information in circulation for longer. The pen can be passed on from one person to another.
  • Environmental. With this combined function, this method of advertising is more environment-friendly.
  • Inexpensive. These pens cost much less than you might think.


For small orders less than 10,000pcs, we can delivery the goods directly to your door via DHL express! Production and delivery time is about 4 weeks in total! 
Halsun is a professional writing instruments manufacturer and exporter located in China

MOQ is only 1000 pcs! Although we mainly focus on orders quantity larger than 10,000pcs


Mit dem FlyerPen erhalten Sie eine grosse Werbefläche (max: 2x 168mmx68mm) auf kleinem Platz. Durch das Federsystem lässt sich der Banner auf einer Seite aus dem Kugelschreiber rausziehen. Sobald Ihr Bild, Anfahrtsplan, etc. … nicht mehr angesehen werden möchte, rollt sich der Flyer automatisch wieder um die Kugelschreibermine.

We work under the philosophy that the clients experience is the top priority!

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Our Business Credit

Halsun has supplied the flyer pen to several USA companies directly by sea, by air, and by DHL express door to door ! Halsun also supplied the flyer pen to Europe, Afria, South America and so on. Till now, we’ve received zero customer complain about quality and delivery time! We treasure our business reputation. 
See the flyer pens examples of companies already brought from Halsun.

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